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CT Scan in Coimbatore

    - A computerized tomography (CT) scan combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles around your body and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images (slices) of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside your body. CT scan images provide more-detailed information than plain X-rays

MRI Scan in Coimbatore

    - Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a large magnet and radio waves to look at organs and structures inside your body. Health care professionals use MRI scans to diagnose a variety of conditions, from torn ligaments to tumors.

Ultrasound Scan in Coimbatore

    - Ultrasound scans, or sonography, are safe because they use sound waves or echoes to make an image, instead of radiation. Ultrasound scans are used to evaluate fetal development, and they can detect problems in the liver, heart, kidney, or abdomen. They may also assist in performing certain types of biopsy.

Accura Scans

Accura Scans in Gandhipuram, CT Scan Centres in Coimbatore. Address : No 56 Asoka Buildings, ...

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Anbu Clinical Laboratory

Anbu Clinical Laboratory in Jothipuram,Coimbatore. Address: Vannan Kovil, Coimbatore - 641...

Hits: 2987  |  Rating:  ( 5 ) by 1 user(s)

Annai Scans

Annai Scans in Ramanathapuram, Address : No 1837, Lgb Colony, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore -...

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Apollo Diagnostic Cente

30, D.B. Road, Coimbatore - 641002 Phone:+91-422-2554373...

Hits: 2700  |  Rating:  ( 3.2 ) by 83 user(s)

Aquest Diagnostic Services

Aquest Diagnostic Services in Peelamedu, Address : No 22/23, Rajalakshmi Nagar, Masakalipalay...

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Aran Scan Centre

Aran Scan Centre in R.S Puram, CT and MRI Scan, Address: No 178 & 179, Bhasyakaralu Street, ...

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Arthi CT and MRI Scans

Arthi PET CT and MRI Scans in Coimbatore, Medical diagnostic imaging center in Coimbatore, Addre...

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Balaji Neuro Diagnostic Centre

Balaji Neuro Psychiatric Centre in Ramanathapuram, Address : 1322/1, Thadagam Road, R S Pura...

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BEST Scan Centre

BEST Scan Centre in R.S Puram,Coimbatore, CT, Sonography,Blood Test,X-Ray,Pathology Lab,etc., Ad...

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Bioline Laboratory

Bioline Laboratory in KR Puram, Coimbatore, Address: 74, Sathy Road, KR Puram, Ganapathy Gar...

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