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Baba Multiplex

Baba cinemas show timings,Archana Darsana Theatres

Baba cinemas

Archana, Darsana
36/52, Devanga High School Road,
R.S. Puram, Coimbatore.

Phone: 0422-2472275
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Sri Baba Theatres [] housed in a multiplex complex known as Baba Complex is located Devanga High School Road, Near to Mahaa Auto Care, R.S. Puram.

For the Coimbatorian who has a discrete choice for entertainment for himself and his family, perhaps the only heaven for theatre based entertainment, coupled with tongue tickling snacks, along with soft drinks or ice creams, is the Sri Baba Theatres.

The Recently renovated and drastically upgraded Sri Baba Theatres is run by Mannadiar Group of Coimbatore.


The Complex has very easily accessible counters for current ticketing, advance booking and bulk reservations. The Seating arrangements are a touch above class. The total cleanliness of the entire theatre complex would make even the most finicky lady feel at home. Of course, the toilets are kept clean and tidy all the time.

The ultimate experience of a theatre goer has to be felt while viewing a movie, the uninterrupted vision of the screen from any spot or angle of the theatre, the encased feeling given by the ambience of the theatres, an absolutely clear focus and clarity of the pictures, and the absolutely impeachable sound deliverance, all contribute to that unique experience of entertainment in the Baba Theatres.


Projection and Sound systems that both the theatres have installed are the best available and truly State-of-the-Art. The equipments give total clarity of picture projection without any fluctuation in light intensity by the use of sophisticated Zenon lamp system. Sound is an all surround system. The digital track sound system delivers high fidelity sound where, the explosion of a canon ball on the screen will almost eject the viewer inside the theatre from his seat. As against the earlier system of Sound Track incorporated into a film, the DTS System uses digitalized compact disc recording and replay. Hence the difference.


True air-conditioning is to be felt by the chill that runs down the spine, and not imagined so. At Sri Baba Theatres the AC System is well designed and more than adequate to give that true air conditioned feeling of satisfaction.

The cozy ambience of the theatres has been achieved by the quality interior decorator materials and soft colours that lend an absolutely relaxed feeling as one reclines in his seat.

An experience in Sri Baba Theatres will surely leave a memorable imprint on your mind. Not only the movie seen but the wholesum entertainment for you and your family which will make you to come back, again and again and again.

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