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How to wear and Wash SuperBottoms UNO Cloth Diaper

SuperBottoms UNO

SuperBottoms offers a range of Reusable Freesize UNO Cloth Diapers for baby's 12 Hour absorbency. Check our collection to shop at an offered price.
UNO Cloth Diaper is waterproof, lasts all night, is perfect for diapering and can be used from 0 to 3 years while Padded Underwear
SuperBottoms NEW UNO Freesize Cloth Diaper, Cloth diaper for babies 0 to 3 years

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SuperBottoms offers a range of Reusable UNO Cloth Diapers for Newborn baby. Check our soft & economical collections to shop at an offered price.

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Adjustable Diaper that fits from 3 months - 3 years (5kg - 17kg) CONTENTS : Pack of 2 cloth diapers for babies with 2 quick drying inserts / Soakers. BASIC comes with dry feel lined soaker which you can keep on top! No more stuffing of pockets. Cloth diaper that's easy! Features - CPSIA (US) certified cloth diapers. Tested-free for lead and phthalates. - Waterproof, washable & reusable cloth diaper that fits babies from 3 months to 3 years. - It lasts up to 5 hours for average wetting babies. - Keeps the baby dry and comfortable.

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