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IPhone Screen Printer,Miniature Printer and Rolto 2015

IPhone Screen Printers

Miniature Printer and Rolto Printing Technology 2015

Digital photography has killed cameras Polaroid, but many of us are still nostalgic for the days,when can was possible on place print out picture, only what’s done in just a couple of minutes. The device Printeroid – it is quite a promising technology,allowing us to obtain the miniature handheld printer to print images from the screens of mobile devices. The company Polaroid is not the first year trying to bring back the fashion of instant physical images. Device Printeroid – Pocket Printer for owners of smartphones and tablet computers.
Printeroid IPhone Screen Printers
Instead of film, Printeroid charging coils of special paper, width of 7 inches and a length of 10 meters. The device has a connector that allows you to connect mobile devices manufacturing corporation Apple – iPhone smartphone or tablet PC iPad.

A Tiny Printer That Spits Out Whatever's on Your iPhone's Screen

Rolto - Compact Wireless Screen Printer

Rolto Iphone screen printer

Rolto a handy portable gadget that uses wi-fi to allow you to print off your iPhone's screen without connecting to a regular printer.

It prints off onto long roll paper, making it ideal for making a carbon copy of a coupon or long page. For example, you might want to print off a schedule, series of instructions, or a even a recipe. Or perhaps you are in a meeting or brainstorming session and want to print off people's ideas? Reach for the Rolto and get printing!

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